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Reviews for "The Tryst"


nice one



Don't believe Hittman, he's just too stupid to appreciate this sort of game that requires intelligence as opposed to smashing things.


you dont hve 2 pay 4 this game,just 4 da sequal


This game was my favourite in your series so far!
Angie really is a babe.. I have a sneaking suspicion that you based her on Angelina Jolie! If not, man, do they have similarities!

I didn't quite understand...
I want to play the second part, but do you have to pay for it?

Walkthrough (Ask Angie First)

Advising Angie (This takes place first chronologically)
-Why'd you choose a married man?
-Do you have the patience to wait until he's available?
-Why not?
-Is Yale happy with the way things are?
-You seem to be a strong smart woman about to make a fool of yourself.
-Congratulations! Why haven't you told Yale [about the pregnancy]?
-It's important that you meet with him now. Be honest and take control.

Advising Yale:
-Why can't you carry on the way things are going?
-What's more important: True love or career?
-Why shouldn't you be looking out for number 1 even if it means giving Angie the boot?
-Will being with Angie help or hinder your prospects?
-What are your plans for the future?
-Do you expect Angie to wait for you to get partner?
-If you forget about Angie, stick by the old man and get counseling with Helen
-If you're taking the old man's estate, don't you owe it to him to save your marriage with his daughter?