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Reviews for "The Tryst"

You Are So Cool

Hey this is a great and i mean great series dude this is so cool i am fixinge to play the next episode so i hope it is as good as the other one have a great life.

this truly is a thing of joy...

but uh, what happened to the tryst part 2? It says it's available to everyone else on July 1. Did they mean July 1st this year, or last? And will that be available here on New Grounds?

This was great. The graphics got much better... Angie can smile, move her eyebrows, etc. Yales graphics, not so much. He went crosseyed a few times, but that's cool.

This was great. The hint feature is also very useful.

I really want to know what happens next!! The ending sure was a cliffhanger.

Keep up the wonderful work, because I love your series.
All the episodes should be free and available to the public.
And us on NG, of course.

Great! One of your Best

This is defiantly one of your best ever. I love it. Part Two is amazing also.

awesome game but.....

what bugs is that you cant play the second part without paying $99 to become a zap member!:(


It took you a long time to submitt this one, i went to your site and played this one a few months ago (it didn't even had the hint button), but I'm really expecting that the one where you have to interrogate the suspects to become free, please!, I'm on my knees!

great job