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Reviews for "The Tryst"

This one was alright, but compared to the first three parts of the series it was somewhat boring. The dialogue wasn't too bad, but I found it odd that Angie's story could segue into Yale's but not the other way around. That would have made this a lot more dynamic. It seemed weird how the game basically told you your choices didn't matter too, since that kinda defeats the purpose of making it a game.

It's too bad part two of the Tryst was not uploaded here, because wow... there are no words to describe part two.

These games really piss me off to no end.

After playing "Angry Neighbors," I was hoping that more of your games would be of the same quality, but so far none of them have delivered. These "negotiations" are not based at all on logic, but on luck. You just have to hope you say the right thing and no amount of thought or reason will help you reach the right conclusion as both Yale and Angie will often spontaneously change personalities from one question to the next. At first, I suggested that Yale take the road of caution, but he said he was too ambitious; then, bearing his response in mind, I suggested the opposite course but then he did a complete 180 and wimped out.

Oh, and by the way, you should never put a "point of no return" in your games; there should always be a way to talk through a situation. Plus I absolutely abhor the idea of reaching a point in a game of choice where it is no longer possible to win. It is not only frustrating, it is downright unfair.

I do admire the fact that you're doing something different than just the usual sex & violence you usually see on this site, but before you do something original you have to make sure that you can do it well.

Damn, i love ur series, but that one was shit

man you obviously lost it on that one... i tried once and it looks like shit

Although I liked it.........

.....the fact that you spent all that time playing it only to be told that you have to pay $5.00 to see the end of it kinda pissed me off......thus the overall 0.