Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"


WHY do you have to be that good? Damn... I gotta learn how to rip Sound Effects from ROMS, you know where I can find a tutorial, or could you mail me one? Please, I really wanna know!

Anyways, to the review... Ep. 1 was really kickass, a great follow up to Megaman/X: Final Battle series... although, this doesn't really further the plot, it has good action, and tasty dialogue. But in my opinion every episode of a serie must further the plot a little ( I think I did that in Dirty Power series? ) I dunno why, but it feels like it's a bit shorter than the other movies of yours...

Great job, 5!

And PLEASE, tell me how to rip those dang sounds!

CheveLoco responds:

ooh the question about the sound effects..hehe..it's easy man..what i did is i started my megamanx game..went to options and then to the sound test...and i just recorded it with any recording program from there..

Good job with this one :)

Yay, u did make another series after all, i think they are doing great!! keep e'm coming!! ;)


Razier2000 is a dumb ass , the file size is perfect , keep up the good work, make it a series if you want to, no sence working double ifpeople like him are gonna give lower scores anyways. as for me i give it a 9 out of ten and a 5, very good =)

CheveLoco responds:

thank you


I'm glad to see this series off and running. Graphics are still good, good music and sound effects, smooth fight, and a little funny.

I don't mind the length of these episodes at all; not long but not that short for me. Plus, you really seem to have a knack for picking a good stopping point for each episode. Everytime you've ended one of the Megaman episodes it was at an exciting moment and made me wanna see the next one.

Keep up the good work.

CheveLoco responds:


Way to go Rigo!

You really know how to make good sprite movies. You're fight scenes aren't that bad, either! Keep up the good work, Rigo!

CheveLoco responds: