Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

Rockman saves the day!

That was kicka$$, man! Those sprites for Cutman & Woodman you used were freakin awesome! This one also had alot more action than the first, and the way Rock fought was better than that of the games! I haven't seen the third one yet, so I don't know if Dr. Light will survive or not. See ya!

kick so much ass

this is so fucking cool man dude SWEET one of the best movies i saw in a wile!

Nice Work

Very Very Very Good Work You are a good artist!


I love the way you make ur fight scenes! Entertaining. I think the fight should've been harder thoe; Megaman killed them too easy! But i hav to admit...he DOES have skills ; )


Wat u should of done is make zero or protoman help megaman before tenguman kills Light.

CheveLoco responds:

well proto is in part 3