Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

kill dr light!

what you should do have tenguman kill light and then roll, then x and zero help megamnan.oh ya prcotoman should help to not die

verry nise!!! must see Bass' Revenge 3!

just want that you read the pointers from my last review.but i can understand if you don't want to do this...

YOU 1337!!! kill Rr.light!

CheveLoco responds:

well in the end i did listen to ur suggestion..well kinda


THIS IS THE BEST EVER! Great story! Great plot building up too! One thing I would like is for a final battel Bass V.S. alot of other good guys!
Or just a classic one on one battel! You say too leave pointers? Thier is nothing wrong with this it rules!!! But uh...were did you get the sprite sheets for those Robot masters? I want too know please? (ok, mabey one thing I would like is for the battels too be a littil bit longer.) Thats all and keep it up! (Finish Bass' Revenge 3 as quikly as you can!)

CheveLoco responds:

hmm..the sprite sheets...i got them from here...http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~mmm/spritesinc/index.html

u own

u r deffinatley the best sprite animator EVER, u inspired me to do some, i just need to know how u cut out the sprites

CheveLoco responds:

well first u get the sprite sheet...then at the top go to modify..then trace bitmap...a window will come up...put these numbers..1,1,pixels and many corners...that's all

good but....

I think you should put some of those next things on were they talk do you know what im talking about those would help,besides that it was a really good movie you rock!