Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"


hey its me Eklobo. This serie is looking great man, the animations is 100% perfect and I think I agree with one of your other reviews, you are one, if not the best, sprite animator. Your movies are just great and the storyline is always awesome. Check your email and we can talk more.

CheveLoco responds:

i will


This is the highest score I've ever given to a Sprite that isn't meant to be a joke. Why? Because it was good! That was one of the coolest sprite battle scenes I've ever seen. You should have made that scene longer because it was so awsome. I hope in your next movie you make longer battle scenes, because you're damn good at makin' em.

CheveLoco responds:

thank you

Hey Rigo!

Hey Rigo its me from AIM, anyways we need to get me started on making my movies... Im still haven trouble n/e ways Rockin movie dude very sweet...

Good, good....

But you made one major flaw why doesnt megaman and X get the powers of defeated Mavricks and Robot masters?

CheveLoco responds:

hmmm...good question


Damn.. the fight scene with Megaman and woodman was great.. the dodging with the dash slide and all.. the movies action overall was great, looks to be a good series like the Megaman/X