Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


Beautiful, epic & breathtaking! I love everything about it - If I can, I should make an AMV with this song!
Keep up the awesome work!!!



this is the ligh from your soul your voice mybe is true ...................but folo what you belive ....


i love your work, been awhile since i visited, but i see your still producing masterpieces, ive called this one my favourite, very well written, and well composed for that matter, you have a lovely voice and its a terrible shame we have to go to newgrounds to see it and not hear it taking over radio stations. i also love the slight aussie accent that occasionally shines through, i dont know if anyone else notices it but being a fellow aussie ive noticed small hints of it comgin through at all the right times.keep up the good work, and when die (heaven forbid) i want your voice.

see you hania.


You also have a way with words...

You continue to amaze me Hania. I read over your lyrics, and now I'm listening to the song.

Go get a label.

I swear to god.

You're amazing.


Indeed i am, ive listened to all your songs that are here on newgrounds and you literally blew me away, especially this song being one of my really really favorites.I love the creativity you put in your works. The lyrics you use and the music...the whole clearly surpasses the sum of its parts. It seems you always sing the right song at the right time. So far about ten of your songs have cheered me up when i felt down. You have my thanks. :)

Keep up the amazing work!