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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

the roar of a whole empire...

i know i've never heard this song before, but somehow i knew all the lyrics before i even read them O.O
i wrote a song JUST like this when i was in the 4th grade...

my version was more depressing though... :'-(


Beautiful, epic & breathtaking! I love everything about it - If I can, I should make an AMV with this song!
Keep up the awesome work!!!



this is the ligh from your soul your voice mybe is true ...................but folo what you belive ....


i love your work, been awhile since i visited, but i see your still producing masterpieces, ive called this one my favourite, very well written, and well composed for that matter, you have a lovely voice and its a terrible shame we have to go to newgrounds to see it and not hear it taking over radio stations. i also love the slight aussie accent that occasionally shines through, i dont know if anyone else notices it but being a fellow aussie ive noticed small hints of it comgin through at all the right times.keep up the good work, and when die (heaven forbid) i want your voice.

see you hania.


You also have a way with words...

You continue to amaze me Hania. I read over your lyrics, and now I'm listening to the song.

Go get a label.

I swear to god.

You're amazing.