Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"


This song gives me chills...
You are tooooo good at making music.
Find a producer and make a major hit.


This is a song about inspiration, so what is your inspiration for all your music? It must be something good to have come up with such beautiful songs.


your greatest effort i think

reminds me of,a little 4 year old vampire girl,where she watches over the eternal earth's moves,she goes into the battle for the two empires,where she's riding a horse,until the horse she sits on is shot with an arrow and she falls front off,at high night,she's there in a war,millions of brave knights falling into their own blood for their own honor,until the battle ends,and she is the only one alive,where she releases a blood tear,and pins her sword into the blood-stained grass,blesses the battleground and goes to wath over another battle

remember the daughter of Satan

I memorized this song too.

Do you someone named Pakasith? Well, he showed me this song. This is the very first song I ever heared made by you. I absolutely ador this song. I wanted to use this song on a movie, but I can't make one. I'm too young.

the roar of a whole empire...

i know i've never heard this song before, but somehow i knew all the lyrics before i even read them O.O
i wrote a song JUST like this when i was in the 4th grade...

my version was more depressing though... :'-(