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Reviews for "~Inspiration~ -hania"

You are awesome!

I would like to make a collaborate project with you sort of like a nightwish or within temptation song. Please PM me if this sounds fun or interesting :)

Omg O_O

I was off of Newgrounds for awhile n.n and I'm pleased to see that your music remains awesome as usual!

Absolutly Inspiring

I have listened to you since I stumbled on your song silver memory, every song you made is so compelling, I have always given you a 5/5 and I always will. =)

great composition

well I have to admit, great voice and great atmosphere to go with it. very cool.

I'd love to put this on a dnb beat some day... (so kill me if if u think that's bad but I'm probably going to do it anyway just to see how it sounds :P )


starts out with your usual style, piano-vocals, nice and soft. But at :43, now it sounds unique, some orchestral, deep vocals, awesome drumline. Reminds me of running real fast through a mountainous landscape, an almost battle-like atmosphere. a dramatic rise, then back to your usual soft style. A masterpiece. One of your best.