Reviews for "Lords of Battle"

pretty good

I liked it, i give this a 7 it could have been way better but wasn't bad

it was a trailer, but it didnt make much sense

sure, the graphics are awesome...but the story went everywhere in this trailer. i mean he said hes alone, next you see him with a huge army...i guess ill read the screenplay, but still, good graphics, ill give u credits for that.


I'm speechless. There's nothing i can say that can explain the way i feel, i wanting of this. I NEED to see this. It looks truely beutiful. You sir, are a brilliant man. I also liked your ninja tribute, also fantastic.


the story is awesome, i read the screen play. hope you continue with the story
u have the flash skills to make this into a really really awesome movie.. so do it!!
or else....
... i'll ask you again.

the greatest oldschool movie ever

this movie was great make another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!