Reviews for "Lords of Battle"

pretty good

u need 2 add subtitles. its kinda hard to understand the dude. other than that, it was pretty good, but short.


that was so full of violence. so i loved it

very nice.

I like every aspect of it.

it is ok but but its better than stickslayer

Ben,do NOT make another Stickslayer.It has been overdone and stickfigures are a step back.Oh and you've gotten alot of enemies when you made that review about Rival part 2:Escape saying your music was stolen and calling their stickfigures worthless was spite.Unless you made the music which you didnt its not stealing.Now this looks more promising because you got a story behind it instead of a mindless war saga between ugly stick figures and a muscular guy with a broken pencil.


After several minutez of deliberation within the confinez of my psyche, I have come 2 an inclusive konklusion: YOU GUYZ R AZ GOOD AZ IT GETZ!!! There simply ain't no gettin' better than S8S!!!! The talent that eminatez from your filmz iz awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, spectacular, INKREDIBLE . . . and just when it seemz like you've reached your Macromedian pinnakle, you exceed the apparent limitz of cinematographic genius. I saw GANGZ OF NY 2day in theaterz, itz easy 2 say that (this trailer 4) LORDZ OF BATTLE wuz more entertaining than that entire, high-budget, overrated film. Thiz teazer wuz orchestrated brilliantly: the audio substantially supported but didn't overwhelm the animation, which, standing alone, wuz top-notch and seamless; the voice acting wuz the best-of-the-best; the drama wuz in perfect proportion; it wuz like nothing ANYONE haz ever seen on da web. Screw scorcese, from now on, I'm stickin' with the guyz who know what they're doin: SECTION 8 STUDIOZ.
Good lookin' out.

BOTTOM LINE: Chalk up another FLAWLESS VIKTORY 4 da boyz @ S8S.

-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz