Reviews for "Lords of Battle"


That was cool, only i dont really think that medieval and futuristic really can be put together in the same movie, it just dosnt make a good one.... But this one was good futuristic or not... good job!

ps. i think the only reason i gave you a 10 for the sound was because of the kick-ass LOTR music!

awesome dude great job.

finish it

omg i can't wait make it now

please make this movie now tell me you will work on it tell me please:(


This is amazing. So many details. So great art and animation. And a nice backsround too. This is one of the mostbeutiful arts in flash ever.

Make it longer!!

blown away

that was immaculate,the best flash on here.why the hell is this not number one.i bow to you,this is a superb flash,no one has yet realised how great.i salute to u.SCORE 5 OUT OF 5