Reviews for "Lords of Battle"


Dude, it was pretty good, but i expected there to be more.
The music also sounds pretty familier

A good movie

It was great but no back story to make it a '10 overall'

its good for you

oooooooook this is a good thing too see but you can please do itt too a movie some parts or many parts this is soooo goood so its need a little little bit more violence so please litsen to me its gotha bee really good if you do this so thats was all see ya and for you ho is looking on this litsen too meee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very deep and involving storyline

the storyline is intense and deep. action packed and full of tragedy; a true story of heroism. not the kind of thing that happens in real life and just the sort of thing a dreamer dreams about. a truly amazingly well written script (in a purely creative sense) and better than the shit hollywood's been turning out lately. and i do mean shit. if this were a movie i would watch it on opening night (and i never do that.) then i would watch it again the next night (assuming you didn't fuck it up) then i'd buy it and force my friends to watch it 50 times (i'm very laid back and never pressure my friends about anything) and... i'd buy the fucking action figures. please do continue with this...

this was pretty cool

i think you should turn this into a game because of its great style