Reviews for "Lords of Battle"

I like it

Its like Battlefield Earth,only without John Travolta. Thats something everyone can enjoy

Just good

I certaintly liked it.
But, though being a trailer, the graphics weren't as great as they were at Stick Slayer.
And there were no fighting scenes
Still I love to see one full episode.

Looks quite promising!


the movie ok ok, but the grafics sux hardcore bollas. its not the worst though. and having no battle sceen made it suck even more

Great movie/Lazykid2002 u suck

This is an amazingly well done movie. I enjoyed the echoing of the voice at the beginning. I felt cheated by having no end batlle though. I would like to end this review by condemming lazykid2002's spam/ignorant review. I hope that you account is deleted Lazykid2002 because you violated specific rules. Also they should ban your isp.

Wicked movie

i think the movie was good i especially liked the story line.