Reviews for "-The Pan-"

solution to the end puzzle

depending on how strong the door is, one of the two could have pushed the button and the other could have stood in the door and held it open, the slaming door is probably what made the artist icon break

aww man!

The green one was the best. He helped out even though they were selfish. the Red helped a little so i was kinda happy he lasted long too. sad the logo messed up. good flash.

R.I.P Green Stick

Well if green survived he would sacrifice himself in the last room by staying on the button while the two others left its so sad that he died but that teleporter breaking because of the logo then none of them would have survived even if the green one survived but if green was there they may have not fought and they would have escaped before it broke nice job with this very emotional!


lol but thy did blak dude die come on the original died

Now thats just not fair D:

He almost made it but your logo broke an make him die...