Reviews for "-The Pan-"

my god it's been a few years.
i came back here after reviewing my old account from 2003, and this animation still holds well even after all this time.

a lot of people can't find a great deal to like when it comes to Stick Animations, but without them Flash would still probably be a pipe dream. for a lot of reasons.

ANIMATION - very well animated. moving numerous figures in the old frame by frame is very time consuming. but this animator does it with some serious pride.
SOUND - the melancholy tune is appropriate for the setting, but honestly because i watched the original first, i seriously miss the old songs. (part of the reason i watched American Beauty was soully for Free To Go.
HUMOR - the ending speaks for itself. Felix kills stick characters. sometimes contextually.

i love this old movie. it reminds me of the good times i used to spend on here. and makes me think that the best on NG is STILL to come.

When I first saw this when it was made. I cried over the song being played,each stick figure getting killed by the background, and the final part with red and purple. And in the end,no one got out alive...


Still Very good

!0/5 epic all day


Poor black, and yeah I also thought violet was gonna sacrifice himself