Reviews for "-The Pan-"


the animation wasnt complicated, and yet it was a pretty good animation one of the best stick ones ive seen i like it alot :D

alternate ending idea

i agree with rocky99213, i thought one of them was going to try and open it up instead of fighting

all-in-all i loved it, it was well animated and funny, 1 star off because you killed off the only one of them that was being self-less
rip green

Good good...

Although I would of preferred it if Green or Black won.

Still, I Love it!


I waz yelling that the whole time..... this makes you think about who you care about I LOVES IT!!!!! LOL!!!!

solution to the end puzzle

depending on how strong the door is, one of the two could have pushed the button and the other could have stood in the door and held it open, the slaming door is probably what made the artist icon break