Reviews for "-The Pan-"

better then the rotating room

and it reminds me of the levels in the mario games where the camera keeps moving. but it was also sad to see them all go like that...

Man harsh

Dude that would be a horible way to go i mean im really sure there friends and having to kill him to live man that must suck..............HELL but as long as its not me thats hilarius.


I love the stick men TRY to help each other, buts its like the purple and orange ones weren't in the flash. The ending was sad D:


The only thing I would have changed is that I would have had the purple guy get up right as the red one was walking through the door so that the red guy got smashed and the purple guy was doomed to eternal entrapment.


lol that was awsome n really smart idea, only thing would be to possibly have the cliche intense fight like atr the end or just make them more nija like :P i loved it tho it was unique and funny