Reviews for "-Shin- Summer Game"

Pretty Good

Its a pretty nice melody, but its a little repetitive.

Shinrog responds:

cant do anything about it,it was my first time to make something so I was even more inexperienced than now ^^. made this one of FL studio without knowing anything about filters,piano rolls and other stuff.


Reminds of The Sims music a little bit, only with a techno twist to it

Shinrog responds:

thx ^^ when i actually think bout it,it really DOES reminds the sims lol


Your best yet! I loved that tune that you used... and the synths you used with it. Just a little bit repetitive... that is the only error In saw! Great job for your efforts. My songs are just like yours you know... SERIOUSLY REVIEW SOME OF THEM!! =p

Shinrog responds:

Thx lol,even though I can't understand why people like this one more than my others lol.


this is realy cool, i love if my headphones didn't suck! 5+10


Um...... Your first??

Are you serious? It's great, too great to be your first! Okay, you said first try, so I think you mean your first you submit to NG.

This track, is like I said, great! Almost perfect, so I'll favorite it! Keep up the good work!

Shinrog responds:

First submit AND song,didn't do anything utill this 1.