Reviews for "-Shin- Summer Game"


my brains are everywhere lol it was good

Shinrog responds:

sorry bout your brains xD

trancee =]

i think this kind of song type, goes well when an anime your watching, one that you really enjoy watching, is on its last episode, and is ending, thats probably why everyone thinks it sounds sad. because thats the impression im getting. anywhoo.. well done ! =] im definitely downloading it. even though its gonna make me cry. =P

Shinrog responds:

lol thx, thats a good aspect of the song, an ending theme of an anime or something.
Though this 1 is the oldest one and I've done almost 2 dozens of others since this 1, you can check em out, they're much better than this 1 (especially the last 4-5).



Shinrog responds:

T.T not funny

i dunno

although it is a pretty happy sounding song, if you listen right it kind of sounds sad.

Shinrog responds:

how come ?!?! you're the second one who says that lol.

looks good!

Huh, that looks good. I cant say more than this cause i dont have listened the complete song. Respect.

Shinrog responds:

sure thing it was my first track I've ever made and it's not as near to be as good as I could make it nowadays,but for a first try I think thats fine.