Reviews for "-Shin- Summer Game"

I hear code Lyoko

It took me a couple of loops to realise it, but its strangely reminicent. I like it though.

Shinrog responds:

lol, now when I think bout that, it really has a slight connection.


THIS IS YOUR FIRST TRY?!?!?!!?!?! you must be really good just do make something like this your first try

Shinrog responds:

not really =/ all from a good hearing, without any professional music skills.


This is pretty good for your first try! Nice job, man! ^_^

Shinrog responds:

woot! thanks!!!


like another guy said, just fix the volume and you're set

Shinrog responds:

like i said to the other guy, i'm gonna mic it =D

One of those songs...

I'd say this should be in the euphoria section, it's just that type of song.

Good job.

Shinrog responds:

lol, unlike some strange people who think it's a sad song, you got the point xD