Reviews for "-Shin- Summer Game"


Nice melody, from the opening tunes i liked it.
Keep this kinda stuff up!


Shinrog responds:

That was experimental track and the first one I've ever made ^^. funny how it happens to be the most appreciated among many others I've done since then.

good but sad for me

it does reminds you of summer and it relly good but it also reminds me of somthing sad tha happen on summe...LOL...T_T

Shinrog responds:

I'm wondering why it reminds you on something sad,after all the melody is pretty happy and doesn't have "dark sides" in it.


When i heard this song the fist thing that came into my mine is this has to go into my favs. sweet song man it reminds me of a hot summer day nice happy beat

Shinrog responds:

serves its purpose! exactly what i've tried to reflect with this song!

A loop?

This is certainly not a loop. This is 2 minutes of pure audio right here. Other then that, this audio sounded catchy. The sounds it was producing was interesting. I kinda moved to it with my shoulders since it was quite catchy. This audio, I believe, has a happy feeling to it. I would of liked the see more in this but it's okay. I enjoyed hearing this Nick! :D

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Shinrog responds:

thanks for reviwing =D at first you've scared me with the formality,but it was good to see the smiley in the end lol.

not bad

It's a nice loop, but it doesn't really go anywhere.

Shinrog responds:

thanks...i guess o.O