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Ultimate Arnie Soundboard

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Well the insanity is over...for now.
I'd like to thank all the people who've expressed their enjoyment for this little piece I put together last summer.
I knew if I wanted to make this all worth while IT HAD TO BE THE BEST! None of this half ass "good enough" garbage!
I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that this is the BEST arnold soundboard in terms of sound quality. I hope people appreciate the insane hours I put in, scouring 16/20 arnold films for quotes. YES, I am nuts, you don't have to tell me. CHEERS
-Andrew Baranyi-

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a talking piece of annoyed pizza told me this was good, .. he was'nt wrong.

i'll be back


Cant go wrong with some arnold boards So this was a fun game these old "CLASSIC" games as I like to call them are really fun love all the nifty sounds and entertaining characters may it be a cartoon character a robot or just some random "CELEBERTY", just some really fun and entertaining game.

no changes it was a good board.


Woah, how have I not reviewed this?! I must have forgotten it was on other websites. Yeah, this was used for prank calls. I almost never see this kind of thing anymore. It's mostly because we have caller ID. I think it can still work.

We can just call our friends who wouldn't be offended by this. I have yet to see "Kindergarten Cop". At first, I thought this used sounds from "Jingle All The Way", which I have seen. This is one of the biggest I've ever seen too. Hard to add anything to it as it's so good.

・Quotes Are plenty.
・You can Play The Terminator Main Theme.

・Whem you Stop All sounds. The terminator Main Theme will stop.