Reviews for "Ultimate Arnie Soundboard"

Good soundboard - does what it says very well

Good soundboard - love the "spacebar to stop sounds" feature, a lot better than having to click a button. Works pretty well, used it on some huy trying to get me to remortgage my house (yeah right, retard). He didn't realize anything until my responses started making less sense - I eventually used the "I'm a cop!" sound and he was like "WTF?". But I managed to end it nicely with a few strange requests and threats/insults.

did like 3 prank calls with this

did some prank calls to my friends and random people so fucking funny
thank you making this =D


im gonna make prankcalls with this one:P


I loved this one. perfect soundboard, but it could use summore lines like the guys below sed like "It's not a tumor..." and " GET TO THE CHOPPER!"
anyway, i used it on all my friends and it is my voicemail messege. love it. great job. easy to use too!
(oh 1 thing, not to end the review negatively, but i rly would like all the buttons to fit on my browser, even in full screen)

Thank you!

I've used this sooo many times since finding it :P