Reviews for "Ultimate Arnie Soundboard"

Almost perfect...

This is seriously the best celebrity soundboard ever, and I've looked all over the net.

you're just missing one thing that would make it perfect and completely. The line from jingle all the way "PUT THE COOKIE DOWN...NOW!!" Then it would be complete.


funny as hell, perfect for pranks

this will be funny

i have got to try this

Really funny

this maybe the best soundboard on NG the prank calls are priceless and i like how you add background music to make the quiet moments when your thinking pretty fun

finally the best prank to my friends

i was busy on planning a soundtrack for my friends so i can prank them and i found this! then i used some words then i click the ''i'm a cop you idiot.''
then they hanged up being scared the next day cuz they told me some psycho talked to them then they realized it was the cops so they hanged up! it was the same thing i did to them! thank you for uploading this.