Reviews for "Ultimate Arnie Soundboard"

Soooooo funny!

Geez! Soo many catch phrases!

Funniest combos of Arnie i've ever heard!

This game/movie was very funny, and i recommend anyone to see it.


Hahhaahaha!! I just prank called like 4 people just now, lol, damn, ya'll are ganna get me in trouble, goddamn it!

I Love This Soundboard...

I have listened to the prank calls done by this soundboard all over the internet. I tried it out on my brother, I scared the crap out of him when i pushed the "you son of a bitch" button. LOL...

one of the better arnie soundboards...

well presented and you managed to get the sounds done properly...i like it, definitely the best one for prank calling!