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Medieval Cop-S2-E2

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"The cure is a lie... the patients are not real...

All to treat a disease... that does not exist...

Gold... It's all about Gold..."

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oh my god they have the same body

So I initially missed a secret near the beginning so I played the game twice, it's pretty cool that VasantJ factored in who was the one doing the actions. For example Either Amber or Ada can open the grate with the crowbar and they have unique dialogue.

Includes secret ending steps. Thanks to @GuriSeboso and @blackassassin7 for their insights.

"The cure is a lie... the patients are not real... All to treat a disease... that does not exist... Gold... It's all about Gold..."
Try saying that on YouTube without getting banned!

@VasantJ: Regarding next game title, perhaps "Eight" = "Eighth?"

1) Rate 5 stars 2) Favorite 3) Follow VasantJ 4) Click letter 5) Click dresser on the right 6) Click hallway 7) Click door

8) Go down 9) Remove the Grate and jump down the Hole 10) Click Boulder from bottom 11) Yes 12) Go through exit 13) Go left 14) Click Crate 15) Move Crate 16) Click key 17) Click gate 18) Click stairs 19) Dodge fire 20) Click barrel 21) Dodge fire again 22) Click stairs 23) Click empty pipe 24) Click Lever 25) Click train entrance 26) Click chair 27) Click sparkle 28) A Cult 29) Click sparkle 30) A Doctor 31) Click sparkle 32) Hope 33) Click papers and leave 34) Click book in upper-left corner 35) Go far right and slightly down 36) Click door 37) Click papers 38) Casilda's 39) Click book 40) Moronera 41) Click shelf with bags (bottom) 42) Ivy 43) Click dark gray equipment cabinet 44) Trowel 45) Click plant 46) The soft soil 47) Click left bookcase 48) Soul Theorem 49) A Station 50) Descend 51) Left 52) I peeked at the future 53) Go up and left 54) Go up stairs (to the roof) 55) Dregg 56) Moronera 57) An inborn condition 58) Headaches 59) Temp Blindness

60) Click shelf at bottom 61) Click "Now" when nurse is in front of shelf 62) Click Crowbar 63) Click Pillow Shelf 64) Switch to Ada 65) Click Grate in bathroom 66) Switch to Pear 67) Click hole 68) Click next path to the right 69) Click book 70) Click machine 71) Air Vents 72) Click key to the right 73) Click seeds to the left 74) Click bucket of extract 75) Click barrel 76) Click grate 77) Click upper-right path 78) Click purse 79) Stolen Funds 80) Click door 81) Click Grate 82) Click bottom-right path 83) A Records Room 84) Click second shield 85) Click bench on the right 86) Dodge nurse 87) Click cracked cabinet 88) Dodge nurse again 89) Click Stool 90) Dodge nurse again 91) Click book in center 92) Click metal cabinet 93) Click upper-right bench 94) Click Grate 95) Click upper-left path 96) Switch to Amber 97) Click upper-right patient (blue hair) with Case 98) Handsome 99) Headaches 100) Hallucinations 101) Switch to Ada 102) Click Dr. Lobh with Weak Link 103) Both-Sides 104) Switch to Pear 105) Click hole in bathroom 106) Click bottom-left path 107) Click top-left path 108) Click Dian's drawer (top-right) 109) Switch to Amber 110) Click Dian with Committee 111) Cross-examination 112) Click Casilda with Committee 113) Fake 114) Switch to Dregg 115) Click Casilda with Case 116) Trigger 117) Click Book (next to Dregg) with Casilda 118) Doctor Dregg 119) Click Casilda with Casilda 120) Switch to any other character 121) Click Dregg with Book 122) Pavlov 123) Draziel 124) Brainwash 125) Click Casilda with Book 126) In a greenhouse 127) Click Dregg

128) Emperor 129) Another Patient 130) Headaches 131) One side 132) Dian 133) Leave it be... 134) Elaborate 135) Casilda 136) One and a half hours 137) Migraines 138) Impair 139) Triggering 140) Instructions Page 141) Money 142) Pear 143) Click letter 144) Click door

another awesome game. played it four times to get the secret ending...... and to translate everything amber said in spanish. that was a nice touch. i'm eager to see what happens next.

I cannot interview anyone else after the woman dregg saved was proven to be pavloved. How do i proceed? I got all but one secret ending boxes too.