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Reviews for "Medieval Cop-S2-E2"

Switch to Dregg, and click on other people. From his bed, Dregg can talk to certain characters armed with different clues.


I found it hard to believe the people who really know Dregg like Polly and Tira, not to mention Amber and Ada, would so quickly forget the quality of his character that they have quietly admired for so long, and immediately believe he is some type of playboy with multiple mistresses. Over a rambling moment that confused the heck out of them even.

For starters, who would even believe there is a woman that will sleep with Dregg, let alone the multiple ones they seem to believe now?

For those who are stuck in the record's room, go and follow the posts of VasantJ on his Patreon's site!
Great game, as always!!

Aww man, missed the secret ending with one hint.


Seeing both Adas not cooperating was weird, but kind of cool lol
Anyway, I can´t wait for the next game.
P.s: What´s an Encore? I didn´t get it

Another GREAT ONE!! Keep 'em coming :)