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Reviews for "Medieval Cop-S2-E2"

another awesome game. played it four times to get the secret ending...... and to translate everything amber said in spanish. that was a nice touch. i'm eager to see what happens next.

I cannot interview anyone else after the woman dregg saved was proven to be pavloved. How do i proceed? I got all but one secret ending boxes too.

To anyone else that struggled: the best hint I can give for when you get stuck, Dregg is used for more than one clue. Also, save often then if you mess up, you don't have to go through a bunch of stuff to get back to where you were.
Edit: another part that I struggled with was solved with something you use to guard yourself.
Keep up the awesome work VasantJ!


Seeing both Adas not cooperating was weird, but kind of cool lol
Anyway, I can´t wait for the next game.
P.s: What´s an Encore? I didn´t get it

Aww man, missed the secret ending with one hint.