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Reviews for "Medieval Cop-S2-E2"

es increible 50/50

I keep getting stuck in the hospital room after getting every single clue... anyone, I need some help :'(
Though I love the game!

This was definitely worth the wait! AWESOME JOB!!!

Pretty neat game! Got some really neat presentation to it with the cinematics and way the story progresses, and I liked all of the interactivity with the many objects. Story starts off strong as well, and introduces elements so even a person who might not be in the know can get the basic gist. I did find the dialogue to be a little bit too quippy and jokey for my tastes: humor is good, but it gets to the point where so many characters end up with the same over-the-top personality. But hey, I still did enjoy the gags most of the time, so it works alright.

great game
eagerly feasting on anime to eagerly absorb everydrop of e3