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Ruffle:Another Mission

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Bird Lover 10 Points

Kill three birds.

Headshot 10 Points

Kill an enemy with a headshot.

Resurrection 10 Points

Respawn three times.

Traniee 10 Points

Complete the training.

Lucky Seven 25 Points

Kill seven enemies.

Sky diver 25 Points

Jump from a 50 meter height building without dying.

Elite Sniper 50 Points

Kill ten enemies.

The Hero 50 Points

Rescue three hostages.

Deja vu 100 Points

Complete the mission twice.

The Legend 100 Points

Complete the mission.

Author Comments

"Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die." - Babe Ruth

This is a game jam entry for Newgrounds's Flash Forward Jam 2021.

#Game controller [ Although it is presented inside game ]::

  • W, A, S and D for movement.
  • Use 'J' for for activating/ deactivating snipe mode.
  • And during snipe mode, use W, A, S, D for expanding the vision range. When you are ready press 'H' to shoot.

#Point to note:

  • Ruffle player might take a while to load ( i.e may show white/black screen during initial loading of a game ) - so please be patience or refresh the page. (^__^)

... Enjoy and feedbacks are always welcome !

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nice game not delock training complete ? what :O

This game is highly underrated. It encapsulates the feeling old-school flash games, and is a very good game to speedrun, with good replayability.

speed8327 responds:

Thanks for the awesome feedback.
yah.. i tried to encapsulate the game-play feeling of "hard, challenging but rewarding" design approach like the old-school flash games.

Eh, it's okay. I like the silhouette-based graphics a lot, but the gameplay is in a pretty rough state. The first and most obvious issue is that J and H are pretty unintuitive keys for sniping. Given that this game uses WASD and won't have mobile integration, mouse aiming makes a lot more sense for shooting. The controls also feel weird regarding the platforming, specifically some of the jumps which require high precision.

Probably the biggest issue is the lines that you and the enemies have to telegraph where they're aiming. The limited range (both for the player and enemies) is inconsistent and makes it frustrating to know when and where you can be hit. Some kind of delay and audio telegraph would be nice, as it would give the player a chance to run the other way or try to quickscope enemies. The meat and potatoes of the game (running into the aiming path of an enemy, then sniping them before the line rolls over you) became intuitive with enough practice but never really felt enjoyable.

It's not a bad concept, but it feels clunky, as the actual challenge (timing when to come out of hiding and sniping quickly) feels pretty far removed from the actual concept of a run and gun.

speed8327 responds:

thanks for the feedback. ...really appreciated it.

And about the game controller layout, the game was developed with Mobile-first design approach ( arrows key movement and A/B button for sniping and shooting). So, it had to map the desktop controller layout.

But at the last minute of publishing because of this ruffle's GitHub issue ( https://github.com/ruffle-rs/ruffle/issues/1972 ), had to drop the entry for mobile device (for time being).

If on getting more request and follow, I might upload another version of this game using openFl and haxe, adding extra levels with some extra playable characters with different abilities that might make the game more enjoyable.

So, stay tuned.

really oldschool feel, also pretty challenging

speed8327 responds:

thanks for the awesome feedback.

A little too frustratingly hard. Should use checkpoint after getting the hostage.
Surprised that the medals worked easily
While I don't need ruffle myself, I feel like a better solution would be an addon that lets browsers use the flash

speed8327 responds:

I am happy that you enjoyed playing it and being the first one to have the fastest speedrun name registered on the "The Legends" scoreboard.
And i'll keep an open mind about that checkpoint( i might include that ). About that medals working smoothly... had to tweak some internal code i.e. default Newground's API for medal.