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Codeine Cowboys [v2]

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Author Comments

Did you enjoy the game? then support me by commissioning me (10-5 USD) or buying me a coffee (Only 3 USD) for more bloody good old fun, and thanks for your generosity! and donate to Lost Chronology if you enjoyed his music.

What is this game? :

If you're a fan of Hotline Miami and pac man, then this game is just for you.

This game is a love letter to my two favorite games of all time, Pac Man, and Hotline Miami. made by a fan of both games for the fans of Hotline Miami Pac Man. and you. <3

This game's features include :

  • 8 Different weapons to match whatever play style you have.
  • 8 Different levels which can be played in a variety of different styles.
  • Combat and destruction - from punching down doors to destroying walls - with an endless flow of enemies to fight against.
  • A kick-ass Synthwave soundtrack.
  • A e s t h e t i c .

V2 CHANGES : (4/DEC/2020)

  • Ability to pick up empty guns removed.
  • Player speed increased
  • Corner collision bug fixed
  • Enemy spawning bug fixed
  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

If you have older hardware, it is recommended that you download the standalone windows version from Itch.io for free

How to play? :

  • W,S,A,D - Move
  • Left click - Fire
  • Right Click - Drop/Pick up weapons
  • Space - Throw grenade
  • P/ESC - Pause the game

Your objective is to collect all dots in the area.

Green dots make you invincible, pink ones give you ammo.

Controls and instructions are also available in the game's main menu.

Music :

Support us :

Thank you very much for playing, hope you enjoyed the game!

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kinda epic

MoeAnguish responds:

Thanks, kinda.

Run and punch but sometime I get stuck in the walls

MoeAnguish responds:

Good work, lol

I just spam clicked and stopped never moving and realized that the goons weren't shooting me, because they were trembling in fear watching a god dance around punching holes in their friends waiting for their turn. or I was moving to much for their AI to figure out which way to aim, either way great game. On a side note this game was like a vaporwave Doom barfight

MoeAnguish responds:

Lol, amazing work. and thank you!

Became the vaporwave cowboy with the big iron on his hip and died immediately. 10/10

MoeAnguish responds:

Good work, lol.

really fun game

MoeAnguish responds:

Thank you!