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Reviews for "Codeine Cowboys [v2]"

you had my attention with the pacman and you gained myinterest with the Hotline Miami, while this is a solid idea, the controls left a lot to be desired.
i got stcuk inside walls, once i crashed into one the character fully stops and you have to wait a little to move again, the speed of the character could be faster, Jacket moves super fast making easy to scape and run towards guns in the floor, and speaking about guns, you can pick up empty ones, making more difficult to defend yourself once you are ina gunfigth with more than 3 enemies.
leaving that aside, i can really see how much apreciation you guys have for those 2 games, the retro vaporwave esque aesthetic looks amazing, and the songs are pleasant to listen to, its a great game, but it needs polishing

MoeAnguish responds:

That's fair. thanks for playing!

Really solid homage to hlm with a pac man twist. Only problem is the bug that's stopped all the enemies from spawning when I play.

MoeAnguish responds:

This will be figured out soon. thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

This is pretty fantastic.

However TWo minor qualms that make it more of a chore to play than it should be:
1. It is possible to pick up empty guns. Why? In HM1, you could do this so you could throw guns at enemies but that's not the focus/case anymore. More than once I tried to grab a gun from a guy I punched and tried to pick it up only to end up grabbing my own empty gun and getting shot.
2. Don't know what's up with this but occasionally I seem to get caught on corners I feel I shouldn't which does break down the pace of the game. I think only once or twice was i killed from this but it didn't feel good regardless.

Outside of that? Great freaking job! This doesn't feel entirely like HM or pac-man or anything else I can think of. It has aspects that are close but it works.

MoeAnguish responds:

That's fair. these issues will be handled soon. and thanks for playing and for the kind words!

good job I didnt expect it to be this good also the best weapon is no weapon

MoeAnguish responds:


ok this game is very hard but i love it! i love the fact that you have to pay attention to your ammo or your guaranteed to die. my only complaint is that it doesn't feel very polished, just the graphics feel like its unfinished but other then that great game

MoeAnguish responds:

That's fair. glad you enjoyed the game though!