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Lost Chronology - Robot Paradise (instrumental)

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This is my first Synthwave song. I also used several A.I. tools.

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I promised a review so lets go.

That bass sine, yeaaaaaaaaa. The early sounds, i dig. This is very 80's new order, euryhtmics, gary numan. I think every sound choice, synth and sample is perfect. This really is a brilliant tune, i think vocals would push this to a genuine contender.

Now all of the great considered, your mix is 'pumpy' as fuck. i think you are side chaining your compressor to the bass, that is what it sounds like. Your panning for some reason is going mono.

Take all the plugins off the channels, reapply on the stereo out in this order, reverb, eq, dynamics, exciter, master. Then go to each channel and apply the required effects. Pin your bass and kick centre with your lead. Hats, toms about 45 l and r. Your main body, 20-50 l/r, addictives 75 l/r.

Bro, you have something here that is special, you just need to refine it. I bet you mixed this with just headphones didn't you? Correct me if I am wrong.

I never not 5, but seriously go and mix on some speakers.

love it

you really got the feel accurate. It has that cold sour 80s synthwave thing going. great vocal effects. I have some issues with the run time and flow but this is a really good start.

The retro gating effect is just killer. Yeah, this is legit synthwave imo. Reminds me of Axiom Verge at parts. Also getting Tron vibes. It's a bit stagnant in terms of pacing, like at 3:39, I'm starting to get a bit bored. Thankfully 3:55 varies it up. 4:21 Nice!! Now I'm getting Silent Hill feels lol. Briefly. 6:14 harkens Trent Reznor feelz. Nice. Got some Industrial stuff going on, another genre that I dig. 7:04 that cymbol sure is dry and low-fi...maybe a better sample? 7:22, not a huge fan of the pluck synth thing, something that can boast a more reverb-delay would probably be more fitting - or maybe a saxophone/reed instead?? Just some ideas there. So yeah...it's not bad over-all. Bit long for my taste though haha. 8:40 is a cool throwback.

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4.77 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2020
8:50 PM EDT
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