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CONTROLS: WASD or arrows. Spacebar to jump. C to attack. E to pickup items. V to interact with objects.

Hello everyone! This is my MMORPG a few years in development now. It is still being developed, but there is quite a bit of content to enjoy. There are also weekly updates.

Explore the new planet of Eliatopia, as you (a human from Earth) set off to explore the newly discovered planet inhabited by aliens. Play with your friends, or make new ones and explore the planet together. Fight monsters and even other players in PVP enabled areas. Progress your character through a huge collection of weapons and armor, skills, and ability points. What dark secrets does Eliatopia and its government hold? And what about it's correlations to Earth? Find out now!

I hope you all enjoy!

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Reminds me of your old game helmet heroes but in a new light, really like this game it's fun and creative!

cool game i like the online feature i got to play with my brother and the game is just overall fun with likeable characters cool enemys and roles to play with great story 3 and a half stars

for some bizarre reason, i couldnt get past the "continue" screen. :\ managed to start playing but died instantly. revived confused and checked the rules to see you need to press c to attack. but for some reason i cant attack, either. must be my browser or something??

- movement is pretty sluggish. id def add a jog button if not just boost the speed. if you need precision add shift to walk slow or something.
- intro doesnt prepare you for gameplay properly. need a tutorial maybe.
- maybe add some starting money? players will want to jump into their chosen class right away. alternatively since you pretty much have a stat for each class, consider a skill based mmo instead of a class based mmo?
- since its a sci fi theme, maybe back off the fantasy themes a bit. here's some alternative class ideas: soldier, scholar, doctor, gunslinger, thug, etc.
- im not in love with differentiating archers and gunmen. the other classes are all pretty unique, but im just not seeing those two as that fundamentally different. you could just as easily have the weapons differentiate the class instead. id suggest just getting rid of bows all together. rifles can be slower stronger weapons, pistols can be faster. it fits the theme better.
- im not in love with the controls. feels like i need to switch from using one hand on keyboard to two. c, v, space are a little tight while you're trying to wasd.
- def get rid of clicking on yourself opening status.
- dont use pop ups you have to close. clicking on any pop up should close all others and clicking off the pop ups should close them all. only one open at a time please. the stacking is entirely pointless.

gj doing the impossible and trying to make an mmo without a team lol. seriously. im impressed. good work.

Excellent Graphics, fun story, and I love the fact that it is a MMO! Great job!

The game's okay but the problem is that when I'm playing as a cowboy is that it won't shoot to the side that I'm shooting but instead it'll shoot in an opposite direction without the mouse but still a decent game.

robscherer123 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Shooting with an archer or cowboy is best done using the mouse. Because if not using that, you will default to shooting at the last clicked position.

Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2020
12:44 PM EDT