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Reviews for "Eliatopia"

Pretty fun game like it so far, but a few things i noticed

Seems like any other class than the warrior is gimped, since mp regen seems super low at the start, and ammo is expensive.

I would definitely lower ammo prices and buff mp regen, sucks having cool skills but being unable to use them.

Also would probably make running cost less? Seems pretty unfeasible for a lower level player to be able to run anywhere.

Also seems like the archer coin+ and loot+ skills are almost mandatory, and should probably just be moved to general skills.

could get some work, it's a bit slow at the start with the green blobs and then suddenly the red blobs deal like 100 damage wtf. but this has some potential hope you can ad some cool stuff

servers are down, cant try

robscherer123 responds:

What is the error message you are receiving? Is the total online players in the bottom left loading for you?

This is in dire need of any sort of tutorial. The first time I made an account and started playing around, I didn't have any sort of way to attack, and never ran across anything. The second time I gave this a try, a few days later, and now I have a stick in my inventory, so I can attack, but now I don't know if the debris on the ground is stuff I can pick up, like the berries and other sticks, but I don't know how to pick stuff up either. No keys that would make sense seem to work, I can just attack.
I want to like this, it's just impossible in its current state.

MAN IS THIS BETTER THAN HELMET HEROES?!?!?!? annnnnd I dont really know what peop;e are they calling shit mouse pad