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Reviews for "Eliatopia"

I cant click in touchpad so im basically just stuck reading the first lines which isn't really fun let me tell you i like reading but i don't like reading the same thing over and over so this wasn't really a great experience for me so i guess ill have to get a pc just to play this game but i wont

robscherer123 responds:

I'm not really sure what you are referring to here. The touchpad? Where exactly are you stuck and what does your screen look like? If you are trying to play on a phone, the game is not currently compatible with phones or mobile devices.

I feel like this game could be fantastic but like half the other games on this website, surprise surprise, you can't click shit on mousepad

robscherer123 responds:

Not exactly sure what you mean by this.

I really like the game even though the gameplay ain't so good but that's not the reason why I give you 3 stars, it's just the players that are pissing me off by spamming, insulting and other things like that

nvm it stopped glitching thanks for creating this awesome game!

The game concept itself is quaint and I have no objections over the skillsets or anything of that matter. However, items will periodically disappear or teleport as well as other players. Other than that minor error, I do have a complaint about the progression of the story; at the lower half of the map, in order for you to progress, you must buy a hard hat which I believe costs around 1600 coins. Now, should there be a well rounded place for players to gain money and not get bored doing so, there would be no trouble at all but this is not so. There are only a few areas where players can reap money from killing enemies which respawn ONE BY ONE for a few moments. It doesn't exactly help that everyone who is willing to spend time bypassing the hard hat requirement is guarding their own area for themselves. In addition to this problem, archers and gunners are already put at a disadvantage as they would have to spend money to buy ammunition and expensive clothing, which stats are practically worthless, in order to stop dying instantaneously (ineffectually) from enemies that should have no reason to one-shot you because their attack stat is so low compared to your health but somehow manage to do it anyways every time. With this in mind, I find it cruel to take half of the players' money every time they die especially if you expect them to meet the requirement. I'm sorry but for what the cute designs and presentation is worth, it does nothing to mitigate the harsh and boring gameplay.

Also simply moving and jumping is a pain the ass too I forgot to add that.