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Reviews for "Eliatopia"

Excellent Graphics, fun story, and I love the fact that it is a MMO! Great job!

The game's okay but the problem is that when I'm playing as a cowboy is that it won't shoot to the side that I'm shooting but instead it'll shoot in an opposite direction without the mouse but still a decent game.

robscherer123 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Shooting with an archer or cowboy is best done using the mouse. Because if not using that, you will default to shooting at the last clicked position.

this is pretty good. runs smoothly and has a unique art style (reminds me of the canadians from south park lol). the only real complaint i have is that when another player is using a bench and goes afk no one else can use it and makes it tedious to heal when fighting tougher enemies, also benches feel so slow when trying to heal on them. other then that its good

robscherer123 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like the game and appreciate the art! I'll consider reducing the time it takes to heal when sitting on benches.

Seriously, you make an rpg and open the stats if you click onto yourself ??? -> fixed, thanks!

Pressing downwards results in the character walking bottom left. Pressing left makes the character walk left. Same for opposite sides. This feels VERY inconsistent.
EITHER pressing downwards should make the character walk downwards (and up for upwards)
OR pressing left should make him walk top left.

robscherer123 responds:

I'll have this fixed this Friday.

Walking up and down shifts you left and right. That ruins it.