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Just a new cartoon after sometime.

Really thankful for this amazing music I have in this video.

Music is free to use as long as artists are credited.

You can follow these artists:

Volt Age: https://voltageofficial.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR19wEuhdyXJxNQJOUifmjVhcPlvi2xoElXZDDvW6Ra8TVN7gOKfb1BSeuQ


Capoblanco: https://capoblanco.bandcamp.com/track/nightfall


LÜNE: https://delalune.bandcamp.com/album/souvenirs


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This short is on point. Everything is consistent, and takes good advantage of animation software. I have a separate opinion about the social aliens to add, but I don;t mean for it to sound like criticsm in any way.

I've never thought of the term alien when it comes to social gatherings at all. I mean, I guess I know it's stupid to say because the alien role is understood for the sake of the short, but I always feel like an alien type needs to prove themself, not just establish an alien stigma based on what they feel like doing in recreational settings. That can technically take a long time considering all the different aspects of society that are available, in my opinion.

It's clever, the take on parties is kind of negative tho. I consider myself an alien, going to parties just for the music and not socializing but I don't see it as a negative aspect, I think of it as learning to handle my social anxiety and I'll usually always feel better when coming home from a party (being an alien also comes with the advantage of not having to do that many drugs).


This was relatable and engaging to watch.
I love how the characters are all spouting generic, contrived and pretentious bullshit that they clearly think is deep and intelligent themselves. I can't count how often I've felt like this at some party I just shouldn't have gone to.
I think the funniest part was the girls on the couch, needing to write on Facebook about how deep it is to realize that we're all slaves to Facebook. The narrative is subtle, and isn't spoonfed, which I rather enjoyed. I turned on this animation looking at the 10 minute duration thinking "Ugh...", especially with a title giving me the impression that this may just be a 10 minute "acid trip animation", but I was very pleasantly surprised to realize what the title meant.

A few bad points though:
The animation is a bit choppy. Nothing too shabby.
The voice acting is REALLY WEAK. You should collaborate with some voice actors, there's plenty of them in this community.

People lived on earth and knowing how to fit in because of human social instinct.
But what if some of us can't fit in. Does that mean some of us are aliens?

DeadFlyFromMoon responds:

You never know man :D