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I Am Resident Evil

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I got this idea while playing the Residnet Evil Remake on the Gamecube with a friend. I was in the Aqua Ring pushing boxes... and I began making jokes about how we can only push them in 4 directions. It snowballed from there: "Look... A crate! MUST PUSH IT!" and so on.

This is a LegendaryFrog Quickie, a loose parody of the US Army's "I Am a Army of One" commercials. It's also an excuse to make some better RE character models. Enjoy!

Note: The "Printable Evil" button at the end will print out all the characters in the cartoon!

***Flash Movie #8***

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I remember seeing this back when you first released it but it slipped into my mind and I just filed it away with all the other random things I've seen. I still really like it and it's still just as funny now as it was then.

Pure nostalgia, what a classic ahah.

I will always love that last guys voice!!! watch the cave cut scenes in lost kindoms 2 and you will hear a very similar voice to this!!!

14 years later and this movie is still one of my favorites. Thank you for all you do, LegendaryFrog.

This is pretty awesome. Also, Alfred being smug and over-talkative at the end made for a rather hilarious ending. Nice job!