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Reviews for "I Am Resident Evil"


Funny, Nice animation, hell, its got everything! and its all true too...loved it.


Nice piece of werk here man i wish u just make more resident evil :) i hope u reall y make more

youve dne it again

well i dont know what to say...hmm i duno i guess
keep it up man i love your art its great everything since kerrigan ive watched it all hmm LOL
i just got an idea

Final Resedent Kerrigan
(final fantasy resedent evil kerrigan..and pie??)
any way later?


I've always loved your work! I just got Resident Evil for GameCube... cuz I just got GameCube! It was supposed to be for christmas but I said what the hell! It's an awsome game and this is an awsome flash, almost as good as your other Resident Evil flash. It would also be koo if you put Karigan in one of them :)
Night Elf


funny about unsold copys of suvivor(ps1 FPS) and gaiden(GBC,yes gameboy COLUR)and dude your talkin bout flash edition