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Reviews for "I Am Resident Evil"

and then theres the useless people. ashley: if there is a zombie i WILL run into it.
sheva: if there is ammo i WILL waste it. chainsaw guy: BLAAARG!

I have the sudden urge to play Resident Evil 0...
LegendaryFrog, you once again do not fail to bring back my nostalgic memories of my first visit to Newgrounds.. I love you...all my stars, take them!

holy crap video game make so much sense now

Are you going to expand upon this toon after a couple more games come out? Like RE:ORC and RE6?

so true

the crate of unsold gaiden and survivor games so true but i wouldn't mind playing gaiden in the GA if the ds/3ds is compatible for it shame it's non canon and survivor what's the point of playing a doofly little ps1 game that has like 30 minnutes of entertainment RE1/2/3 all on the ps1 hade so much packed in there to keep you in the entertainment zone look at me ramble you get it ps1 games are decent at best but survivor is a absolute dissapointment no game can be worse than that damn i'm at it again sorry