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Reviews for "I Am Resident Evil"

I will always love that last guys voice!!! watch the cave cut scenes in lost kindoms 2 and you will hear a very similar voice to this!!!

14 years later and this movie is still one of my favorites. Thank you for all you do, LegendaryFrog.

This is pretty awesome. Also, Alfred being smug and over-talkative at the end made for a rather hilarious ending. Nice job!

I will admit that Jill looks kind of hot. That is Jill, right? It was great to look at all of these characters. I just love being introduced to them like that. The animation is really nice. You have changed some over the years.

It was nice to list all the different characters and their actors. It showed good concern for these guys! The last part was the best. It's great that this got so popular. I unfortunately don't remember the commercial.

Heh I remember this parody from ages ago hell even the commercial. Just got into the series recently and now I can understand the jokes

But with all that said this aged surprisingly well. Frankly though I really miss your old style of animation I don't know it just suited you more. That said good job!