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Made by Pietro Ferrantelli in 3 days for Ludum Dare 35.

Hey guys ! Here is an old game I made alone 4 years ago, to celebrate the 500 Followers on Newgrounds ! Thank you so much all <3

I started publishing my first games here 5 years ago and thanks to your feedback and encouragement I decided To drop out studies 3 years ago to become an indiedev ! I'll publish on Newgrounds one of the best games I've made for the 1000 followers on Twitter or Newgrounds lol !

The game won the Bronze Medal Overall (3rd best game) out of the 2700+ games in the competition ! Silver Medal in Fun and 4th place in Humor.

"The Prince Charming has been cursed by an evil witch and he suffers an awful shapeshift. He has to reach the top of the Princess Tower to meet the preatiest one so as to be deliver from his misfortune !"

----------- PRINCE CHARMLESS -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

Each Level is constitued by several parts

I/ The Tower Climb : Reach the princess

1. Left Click to jump
2. Hold Left Click to climb walls
3. Right Click to dash (unlockable at level)

II/ Mirror on the Wall : Make yourself beautiful despite of your awful mutations

1. Left click on corresponding buttons or use keyboard shortcuts to select a tool
2. Use the tools by following the in game instructions
3. make yourself pretty your ugliness break the mirror

III/ Princess Encounter : The princess gives you a recompense corresponding to your beauty or don't let you pass if you're to unattractive (it's a Game Over)

IV/ Curse Time : "Choose" a disgusting upgrade

V/ Happily Ever After Shop : Use your golden pieces to unlock new stuff for both Mirror and Dungeon.


Pietro Ferrantelli - @PietroFerrantel - Design, Sound, Code & Art

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Fun but hard

This game is fantastic.

My only grips are that it lags quite a bit and it gets me killed, but that could be on my end.

A save system would be great since this game has a progressive mechanic that would likely motivate people to play it more and longer if the progress they have for the prince won't be completely dropped when the game is over.

But great game.

Crazy original game! Threw me for a loop initially since it throws a lot of mechanics at you, but once I came to terms with it, it was an awesome ride and I made it through to the end (though I dunno how the princess accepted my multi-eyed monstrosity; must be because I always made sure he had good teeth). Really impressive for a ludum dare game as it has an incredible amount of polish and inventiveness to it.

The only thing I would change is being sent back to level one each time. Other than that is't pretty solid!

Wow. He gets progressively, aggressively uglier the more I preen him.
Even the false somehow turned into dead teeth, I had to pull em out.

That's it. I'm not cut out for this. I'm done.
If he wants to save the princess, he should get himself ready, and not his butler, before saving her. Not right on the spot in front of her. What princess is gonna want to watch that?

Other than that, great game :T

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2019
3:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop