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Made by OVERBOY (Pietro Ferrantelli) in 3 days for Ludum Dare 35.

The game won the Bronze Medal Overall (3rd best game) out of the 2700+ games in the competition ! Silver Medal in Fun and 4th place in Humor.

"The Prince Charming has been cursed by an evil witch and he suffers an awful shapeshift. He has to reach the top of the Princess Tower to meet the preatiest one so as to be deliver from his misfortune !"


Artwork made by @Cubesona

----------- PRINCE CHARMLESS -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

Each Level is constitued by several parts

I/ The Tower Climb : Reach the princess

1. Left Click to jump

2. Hold Left Click to climb walls

3. Right Click to dash (unlockable at level)

II/ Mirror on the Wall : Make yourself beautiful despite of your awful mutations

1. Left click on corresponding buttons or use keyboard shortcuts to select a tool

2. Use the tools by following the in game instructions

3. make yourself pretty your ugliness break the mirror

III/ Princess Encounter : The princess gives you a recompense corresponding to your beauty or don't let you pass if you're to unattractive (it's a Game Over)

IV/ Curse Time : "Choose" a disgusting upgrade

V/ Happily Ever After Shop : Use your golden pieces to unlock new stuff for both Mirror and Dungeon.


You must ask permission if you want to upload this game on your own website.

contact : overboy.games@gmail.com

Twitter, More games I made on Newgrounds

OVERBOY (Pietro Ferrantelli) - Design, Sound, Code & Art

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i would say, he's very... hmm... beaultiful?
This game is funny, i didn't find any issue and the tower isn't hard, but... the mirror part is very hard, his appearance just keep getting worse and the time gets faster each time you go up the tower.

the mirror just shattered. GREAT

Definitely fun, but I wish there was a way to save progress given how difficult the game becomes.

Wicked funny game! Good, tight controls, cute pixel art, and a funny twist with trying to doll yourself up for the princess before you rescue her, making for a great little spoof of the usual formula!

Awkward controls since it mixed a left click and a long left click together on the same button, causing sensitivity problems, may even be that game was just not as responsive when clicking on it. Until I realized that I have to also click on the prince to work! There should be an instruction for that too.
There's no keyboard controls either.

A difficult and fun game by no stretch of the imagination.