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My heart was POUNDING with adrenaline when I played this. I didn't think I would have gotten that feeling from a game like this.

Not only were the mirror levels difficult, But The platform part of this game also became harder and harder as it went on. In the beginning, you were allowed to be sloppy, but then you needed you to use your double jumps and dashing as precisely as possible near the end.

I became more and more frustrated as I lost, but that just made me want to beat the game even more. I didn't get a satisfactory ending, but I made it to the end nonetheless.

Great game, great concept. Keep it up.

i absolutely HATED how rushed you were in the cleanup phase in between levels. that bit seemed like it could be fun if you could just upgrade your tools and technique and make the hero max attractiveness. instead you made it a stressful rush where you can't really get anything done in time.

A quick fun little game! The controls are solid and the graphics are charming.

One thing was it took me a few tries to understand what I was doing at the mirror. I want to read the descriptions and try out all the tools, but with the clock ticking I feel rushed. I'd suggest starting the game at the mirror, untimed, so that the player has a chance to play with it and figure it out. That first mirror look wouldn't have any effect on the game, it would just be a practice round.
When popping pimples, they outline when you put your cursor on them. The hairs need to do that too, it's hard to tell where their hitbox is.
Also, instead of having the attractiveness meter at the end, have one that persists and updates as I work. Then I can see what actions have he most impact - should I spend time popping pimples or brushing teeth? buy teeth or save money for shiny armor? etc

Good game overall! I enjoyed popping pimples and removing the rotten teeth of our poor cursed prince. The platforming was fun, and the controls were solid enough.

This game is so funny! I feel like this game should have a higher score. My only gripe was the sudden rise in difficulty on the last platforming level.