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A difficult and fun game by no stretch of the imagination.

Fun but hard

This game is fantastic.

My only grips are that it lags quite a bit and it gets me killed, but that could be on my end.

A save system would be great since this game has a progressive mechanic that would likely motivate people to play it more and longer if the progress they have for the prince won't be completely dropped when the game is over.

But great game.

Edit: Playing this on laptop is pretty tricky. This game seems to work better with mouse and pad. Fantastic game all around.

Crazy original game! Threw me for a loop initially since it throws a lot of mechanics at you, but once I came to terms with it, it was an awesome ride and I made it through to the end (though I dunno how the princess accepted my multi-eyed monstrosity; must be because I always made sure he had good teeth). Really impressive for a ludum dare game as it has an incredible amount of polish and inventiveness to it.

The only thing I would change is being sent back to level one each time. Other than that is't pretty solid!