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Platforms have height
You can move up or down one level at a time
You can push objects on the same level as you

Eggs will break if they fall two or more levels
Eggs will always break if they land in a pan
Make an omelette in each pan to complete a level

WASD / Arrow Keys : Move
Z / Backspace : Undo
R : Reset P : Skip Level
Space / Shift : Toggle Height Values

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GG. Beat all the levels. Ez video game. But seriously tho, I liked how all of the levels were difficult and rewarding and how they were complemented with some clean visuals. Each level introduces a new idea and builds off of previous levels all while presenting a unique, brain melting challenge.

Now for a rant about unresponsive controls:

When it comes to game design, this game is perfect, but the movement is poorly coded. Coding good movement is easy, but if you don't do it right, players will have to put up with it for the entire length of the game. For instance, if I press up and then immediately press right (which do all the time since I like to buffer inputs), the player will continue going up instead of going right. Why? Because in this specific scenario I didn't let go of the up key fast enough and up has priority over right. Also, sometimes I press up then right immediately after, but then I go up and stand still because I let go of both keys too early. I shouldn't have to worry about letting go of up before pressing right or making sure I hold down keys long enough for the game to notice I pressed them. Instead of making a simple system where down has priority over left, left has priority over up and so on, keep track of the last key that the player pressed (pressed not held) and move the player in that direction even if they let go of the key. Then every time the character moves, you reset it as if the player never pressed any keys and the cycle continues. You also need a bit of extra code to check if the player is holding the same direction for multiple moves. That way the controls will work exactly as you expect. Additionally, it's good practice to cancel out opposite directions (like holding left and right) instead of giving one direction priority. However, I would very much prefer you using a simpler yet more effective solution: canceling the walking animation. Basically, if you move to the tile to the right of you, then as you are moving press left, the player will teleport to the right tile and begin moving left. Also, if the player holds the up key down, make sure the up press is repeated every X turns. This is a simple yet effective solution used in a lot of games which allows the player to move as fast as they want without having to worry about buffering.

Decent enough puzzle game but levels 21 and 28 are impossible, there's no way to actually get the last egg and pan together in either one.

Very good!

Fantastic game. The puzzles were challenging and well designed, I can see a lot of attention to detail was placed on introducing players to concepts and mechanics without spelling it out in text, which ultimately I feel makes the puzzles more rewarding to complete. Being able to press shift to see height values was also a very nice addition, I found myself using it more towards the end. Levels 21 and 28 were my two favorite for sure.

To me, this is a perfect game for Newgrounds. The simplicity of the design lends itself well to more complex mechanics being built on top of it, like the blue platforms in the last 7 levels. So I'd love to see more of those implemented if you decide to make a sequel

I can't play mobile!😭

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3.75 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2019
4:47 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other