Reviews for "Omelettes"

Great game, on level 16 so far, going to try to beat it all!

The concept and level design is very well done.

Congratulations it's an awesome game!
Simple but yet very complex and very, very challenging.
Thank you for this great game and keep making awesome things like this one!

Easy to understand with some nice brain twisters among the puzzles. Great game.

it was great! love the style and the puzzle like topic you were going for. good work!

Fantastic game. The puzzles were challenging and well designed, I can see a lot of attention to detail was placed on introducing players to concepts and mechanics without spelling it out in text, which ultimately I feel makes the puzzles more rewarding to complete. Being able to press shift to see height values was also a very nice addition, I found myself using it more towards the end. Levels 21 and 28 were my two favorite for sure.

To me, this is a perfect game for Newgrounds. The simplicity of the design lends itself well to more complex mechanics being built on top of it, like the blue platforms in the last 7 levels. So I'd love to see more of those implemented if you decide to make a sequel