Reviews for "Omelettes"

Pretty good, extremely difficult puzzles. I just wish there was some music.

Very challenging puzzle game!

great job

The fact that there are different level is too difficult for me, I can't complete lvl 15.

On the firsts level you discovered the game, so it's easy, but after...

About the "Toggle Height Values", it will be better to have a lower powerful red in the eyes, like green or blue numbers, you see ?

And if we could grab the item ... hummmm ... it will be another game I know ^^

edit: seeing the walkthrough i realize i was approaching the level with the wrong method lol. thanks!

stevenjmiller responds:

There is no walkthrough as of now, but I might make solution gifs for all of the levels soon. For now here is the solution to level 16: https://imgur.com/8L4BStE

As for not being to push from platform to platform in level 16, this is because two of the wooden platforms are 2 units tall, the third one is a single unit tall, and the standard platforms are all 3 units tall. You can only push things on the same level as you, and they can't be pushed onto a higher platform than the one they are currently on, so there are very few combinations in the level that allow for things to be transferred. For example (again in level 16), pushing the pan from a standard platform to a wooden one means you can't push it any further, as it is now on a wooden platform of height 1 or 2, whereas you are still on a platform of height 3. Level 17 works because the wooden platforms are of height 3 as well.

I believe the issue is that the height system is visually confusing, especially when wooden blocks are involved. I made it so that pressing space enables a mode that lists the tile heights in hopes of alleviating this, though it is far from a perfect solution.